School Management System

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School Management System is a comprehensive Web Based robust application with all the standard processes of school are embedded in a single application. This system is computerized replacement of standard school processes from registering a student to leaving certificate. This system eases the lengthy manual processes through computerized modules. Powerful reports for every module makes the system a one powerful application for the schools. With comprehensive user management the system can securely run over the LAN.

One Product Manage Everything

  • » Online Student Registration Form
  • » Electronic Entry Test
  • » Paperless Administration
  • » Student Approval Center
  • » Invoice Management
  • » Student Dues Management
  • » Parent Faimly Management
  • » Student Fee plan & Instalments Management
  • » Student Information
  • » Electronic Student Attendance
  • » Student Access
  • » Parent Access
  • » Teacher Access and Management
  • » Online Student fee Statement view
  • » Online Student Attendance view
  • » Online Student Result view
  • » Parent Mobile notifications
  • » Student Announcements
  • » Teachers Time Table
  • » Exam Management
  • » Result Management
  • » Transportation Management
  • » School Account Management
  • » Scholl Inventory Management
  • » School Assets Management
  • » School HR Management
  • » Web Based System
  • » Highly Reliable
  • » User Management
  • » User Privileges and Logs Management

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